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GROUP Whole30® Coaching

Having support from others while completing the Whole30 can make a huge difference! I am excited to run both in-person and virtual (online) coaching groups.


Below are some of the groups that I run throughout the year. If you are interested in signing up for a group and would like to be notified of upcoming groups, please sign up below, and I’ll email you when the next group is enrolling. 

Registration for my September Whole30 group is closed.
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In-Person General Whole30 Group Coaching (Chicago or Naperville area)

For my local people, this group is a great way to meet and learn from others doing the Whole30 with you, and get additional support from the local Whole30 community. This group is limited to 12 people.

Cost for 7-week group - $175

Online General Whole30 Group Coaching

If you are not local to Chicago, and are looking for general Whole30 group coaching (without additional psychological skills), this group is for you!

Cost for 7-week group - $175

Whole30 Group Coaching for Mood and Stress Management

There’s growing research showing there is a link between inflammation and depression, and what we eat can be one cause of chronic inflammation. This group will help you examine the link between food and your mood and ability to manage stress. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the Whole30 or a seasoned veteran! Please note: this is not group therapy, and instead, the focus will be on building stress management and mood-enhancing skills. Potential topics to be covered include: behaviors that enhance mood, self-care, organization and prioritization, boundary setting, and relaxation strategies​​

Cost for 7-week group - $210



Whole30 Group Coaching for Emotional Eating

If you struggle with emotional eating and are looking for healthier ways of coping with your emotions and stress, this is the group for you! It doesn’t matter if you are new to the Whole30 or a seasoned veteran!  Please note: this is not group therapy, and instead, the focus will be on building new emotion regulation skills.  Potential topics include: mindfulness and acceptance of emotional experiences, examining the function of emotional eating, and emotional crisis-management skills.

Cost for 7-week group - $210



Food Freedom Group Coaching

Have you successfully completed a Whole30, but have some trepidation about moving into food freedom? Do you need extra accountability? This group may be a good way to transition from the structure of the Whole30 to food freedom. Potential topics include: making "worth-it" decisions, being kind to yourself, boundary setting, and self-care.

Cost for 4-week group - $160


Private Group Coaching

Do you want to do an in-person coaching group for you and a group of your friends/family? Maybe you have a neighborhood group or an organization that wants to take on the Whole30 and would like some guidance from me, a Whole30 Certified Coach. Doing the Whole30 with a group of people you know can be a great way to take on the challenge and have extra support and accountability from your social circle. I offer private group coaching - group minimum is 5 people. Contact me to discuss your needs, the size of your group, and cost.

Need more support?

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Disclaimer – The Whole30 is designed to change your relationship with food through various nutritional modifications and/or eliminations for a certain period of time, but is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or address any specific diseases or medical conditions. Prior to starting our work together, it is important to consult with your primary care physician. I am not licensed or trained to provide medical diagnoses, and no communication or guidance should be construed as medical opinion or recommendation. The Whole30 program and related coaching are only intended for use by healthy adult individuals and are not intended for use by minors, pregnant women, or anyone with an underlying health condition, unless specifically recommended by their physicians.