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Complimentary Phone Consultation

Please  schedule your 15-minute complimentary consultation.




The purpose of the phone consultation is to get to know one another, briefly review your goals for treatment, and help determine if the services I provide are a good fit for your needs. You will have an opportunity to ask me questions as well.


At the end of the call, I will provide suggestions for next steps, including scheduling an initial in-person or telehealth appointment, or providing you with other referrals in the community.


Before Your First Appointment

I will email you initial paperwork via our secure online system. The paperwork includes the intake questionnaire and consent forms. I highly recommend completing these online before your first appointment so I have sufficient time to review them before our initial session. However, if you have questions or wish to discuss the forms, we can complete the forms together during the initial session.

If we are meeting in-person, please arrive a few minutes early to the initial appointment to get oriented. 

If we are meeting via telehealth, I will email you a link to the secure, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform ahead of our session. Please review the instructions in the email and join the session at our scheduled time by clicking the link and logging in.


Assessment Session(s)

Before beginning treatment, it is important that I understand your perspectives, previous experiences, and needs. The assessment session(s) will follow up on our phone consultation to speak more in depth about your concerns, your background, and goals for treatment. We’ll also discuss in greater detail what treatment will look like, what you can expect during treatment, and schedule a time for regular, ongoing treatment sessions.

For individual therapy, the initial assessment is typically the first 1-2 sessions. If the initial paperwork is not completed prior to the first session, we may need to schedule additional assessment sessions to complete this process. At the end of the assessment session(s), I will share my impressions and recommendations, and we’ll discuss a personalized plan for treatment. If I feel that your needs would be better met by another provider or center, I will provide referrals.


For couple therapy, there are four assessment sessions. The first session will be a joint session with both partners to gather information on each partner’s concerns about the relationship, goals for treatment, and relationship history. The second and third sessions will be individual sessions with each partner to gather information on previous life and relationship experiences, and each partner’s perspectives on the relationship. The fourth, and final, assessment session will be a joint session to provide a conceptualization of what is going on in the relationship, as well as discussing treatment goals and what to expect from treatment.


Treatment Sessions

Generally, ongoing 50-minute therapy appointments are scheduled weekly or every other week. However, depending on the treatment plan and scheduling availability, more/less frequent sessions or extended sessions may be possible.

Treatment will be tailored to your individual needs and goals. As part of evidence-based therapy, we will set initial goals and monitor progress towards them.


For couple therapy, the majority of treatment sessions will be joint sessions. However, either partner or I can request individual sessions throughout the treatment progress.

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